Why can’t beach vendors clean up?


Dear Editor;

I have been coming to Pattaya for thirteen years now and have lived here for long periods. Why are the condo builders allowed to build so high? From the view point on Pratamnak Hill the sea view is blocked by two very high condominium projects and the view point is now beginning to look like a fortress from there.

The owners are nothing but greedy and uncaring in their quest for more money but how are they allowed to get away with it? Or is that a stupid question and there is an obvious answer?

It makes me so mad to think that with careful planning Pattaya could look so much better. Low rise at the front rising to middle and taller ones towards the back is much more pleasing on the eye instead of looking like Spain’s Benidorm.

Also, can you tell me why so much money is wasted on most projects but with a little money spent and a little education for the beach vendors, why can’t the beaches be cleaned up? At Jomtien and around to Cosy Beach it looks like a rubbish tip so why is nobody complaining and getting it cleaned up with machinery and why can’t beach vendors clean up any rubbish in front of their rental areas?

It makes me angry because I see some tourists doing it themselves just so that they do not have to look at it or walk around it.