Who’s at fault



Is it true that no matter whose at fault in an accident, the foreigner has to pay?

A friend of mine had a motorbike accident Sunday night: a kid driving too fast cut in front of him and they both were hurt, but luckily, not too bad. The kid had no license. The police made my friend pay 14,000 baht, why?

Driving here, we must be crazy but for most of us its necessary and we would be lost without our cars.

I believe that if the Thai government allows us to live here and we abide by all their laws, we should be treated the same. Maybe this should be something for the new Friday night court could answer.


Ed’s reply: The answer to this is long and complicated.  The short answer is, no, the foreigner is not always found to be at fault.  I know this from first hand experience.  But there are many inconsistencies, and unless you’re willing to drag out the affair and possibly go to court (the new “tourist” court would be good for this), you’re pretty much at the whim of the attending officer.  Some are good, some not so good.