Whether sugar is harmful is debatable



Re: Sugar is not so bad (PM Mailbag Friday, 29 November 2013) – Whether sugar is harmful to us is debatable, like the myth that we must drink 2 liters of water per day. The body takes what it needs. A sugar glider never drinks fluids, but survives. Some diabetics carry a candy bar in case their blood sugar drops. Sugar is an energy booster; it kicks in when needed then leaves you drained.

Also there is no scientific proof that a vegetarian will live a longer or healthier life than a meat eater. Rabbits will seek out forage that is infested with insects to counter the lack of vitamin K12. A lack of this substance affects the nervous system. Vegans are deficient at the rate 1 in 5, whereas meat eaters are 1 in 20 (perhaps that is why Vegans are so nervy about criticism). Chimpanzees have been known to kill other animals and then eat them to raise their K12 level.

If America stopped the slaughter of 35 million cows, 115 million pigs and 9 billion birds each year. Imagine what all the extra flatulence would do to “Climate Change”.

We have been eating meat for well over 2 million years and now 5% of the population said we got it wrong.

Life is short enough to worry about tomorrow, so light up a smoke & crack a can while the chops sizzle on the barbecue. It’s a great life.