Where the baht should be pegged



Six years ago, Reggie McFarland addressed an issue concerning the BoT and their continuing ill-advised pre-conceived notions of where the Baht should really have been pegged, and it applies in today’s market also.  With all of the clear signs of the rice scheme failure; loss of exports; government in turmoil; ETAL, the Baht should be at around 34 to 35 or more to $1.  Is the BoT still trying to save face and refusing to accept economic reality?  True economic principles should rule the day, but they are not.  I think people who feed a large amount of cash into Thailand on a daily basis, should be screaming at the top of their lungs about this artificially inflated value of the Baht.  Let’s hear some noise directed to the BoT.

Hyde Parke