Where is the logic?



I have lived on Thappraya Road for twelve years. In that time the area has turned from a simple road with reasonable traffic flow to a two lane highway that is regularly gridlocked at the junction with Thepprasit and has been the scene of many accidents. The U-turn system has never worked at any point. How could it when the narrowness of the carriageways prevents large vehicles like buses from turning?

This road is also the scene of a massive building program of condos all proudly sporting the statement “EIA Approved”. I understand that nothing happens until this paper is issued, which of course makes it highly sought after. It means “Environmental Impact Assessment Approved”. Note the word “assessment”: does that then simply mean that the condo can now go up and the authorities will take a look at the impact the thing has on the environment when it is built?

Daily we have no water, often we have power cuts, daily we have traffic jams, the air in Thappraya is becoming polluted and still the condos go up. Every one of these developments, which run into dozens with some claiming to have one thousand box style rooms, will attract hundreds of cars and motorcycles together with massive water and power consumption.

The environmental impact is already overwhelming, yet the EIA signs continue to go up. Where is the common sense, where is the planning, where is the logic?