What’s up with pickled fish?



Hi Pattaya Mail Postbag – I had lunch with some friends at Fuji Big C Extra in Pattaya a few days ago. I have tried to find a way to contact Fuji without much success. I don’t have Facebook or any of the other gimmicky communicating sites.

I ordered the tempura prawns which were very good and then made the mistake of ordering sashimi without looking at the picture on their menu. Very good tuna, salmon and octopus (small tentacles whereas I prefer the larger ones, but no matter), what did matter was there were crabsticks and what I would have called cooked mackerel. The waitress said it was ‘pickled’! I have never come across crabsticks masquerading as raw fish anywhere else, and certainly ‘pickled’ mackerel does not qualify as ‘raw fish’.

I have been digging around and it seems the name Fuji is a franchise which means the Fuji in Big C extra is run by Thais, which would explain the use of crabsticks and ‘pickled’ mackerel in what was supposed to be sashimi.

I know this is Thailand but come on Fuji, crabsticks and pickled mackerel mixed in with sashimi is taking the piss!

Rick in Jomtien