What has he ever done to you?



Re: Kim Jong Un (PM Mailbag Friday, 29 April 2016) – In all fairness, what has this man done that affects your daily life? Is it that you don’t like his hairstyle? The Kim Dynasty has not transgressed in any over active assaults since 1953. True they have demonstrated what they would be capable of because of the constant badgering by the South Korean government & the Western Bloc sanctions.

Daily I read the snippets in the western media’s campaign of propaganda. This week they have been accused of procuring girls of pre-teen age to act as sex slaves to the party’s elite. They have a well drilled army where most males & females must serve 7 years’ service & now they have been accused of feeding them on only 3 potatoes per day. As sex education is not taught in schools they imported thousands of condoms & no one knew what they were to be used as. You can expect 8 years imprisonment if you watch porn. The list goes on with pastors of LDS being deported for airing their views on religion.

Rather than inviting them to share their knowledge they are driven into more seclusion. You have labeled this man a despot but you have forgotten it was a revered leader who sided with the corrupt Diem government that cost the lives of millions and the death thousands of US servicemen.

A dwarf standing on the shoulder of a giant can see further than the giant.

Ryan Patricks