What else could he have done?



I feel that Mr Flether’s inappropriate attack on Mr Obama (PM 6thMay) was based on false data. Had he looked beyond Fox News he might have known that Mr. Obama sent a letter to Kim Jong Un to the effect that if he was to use nuclear weapons the USA would destroy his country completely. Short of starting a war, I cannot see what more Mr. Obama could have done. I believe that Mr Obama has made considerable progress at eliminating ISIL which is itself largely the result of the illegal war prosecuted by their previous administration.

It is not easy for a peace loving president of a belligerent nation that has scarcely ever not been at war, whose leaders often make huge profits from arms and which continues to support a vicious and long outdated 2nd Amendment.

By the way, it was not Castro who was about to remove the nuclear weapons from Cuba but the Russians who put them there in the first place.

British Citizen