What does this street sign mean?



I incorrectly assumed this meant “if you are waiting for the red light to change you can turn left”. Not so it seems. This morning at the intersection of Pattaya Klang and Third Road I turned left, following the car in front of me, and being followed by at least three other cars.

Around the corner, hidden from view, were three police officers stopping each vehicle as we turned into Third Road. I asked why and was told abruptly that “you cannot turn left at red light”. I explained to the officer that the English translation was misleading. His response, whilst confiscating my driving licence and writing out a ticket, was “complain to my boss”.

He told me that I must report to the Soi 9 Police Station after 12 noon to collect my licence and pay the fine. Upon arriving at said station, O was only to be confronted by a queue of more than 30 people waiting at the counter to pay fines.

After half an hour, I paid 400 baht and collected my driving licence.

I assume that our esteemed city fathers at City Hall do not read these mailbag comments, but surely someone can advise them to have the signs amended so that they can be understood by non-Thai drivers. Incidentally, the driver in front of me was Thai, and seemed to be very angry with the policeman attending to him.

I have lived and driven here in Pattaya/Jomtien for 11 years and have turned left at this same intersection many times without ever being stopped. Just another aggravation in the life of farangs who choose to live here.

Jingjo in Jomtien