What can be done about noisy, late closing clubs?



I was interested to read the news item headed “4 teens arrested in shooting” on page 4 in the current edition of the Mail. What particularly interested me was the part about how authorities are threatening to close the Red and Blue Club because it has previously stayed open past the legal closing times.

This is a sore subject close to my own heart! I live on Third Road next to The Village. About 60 meters from my front door there is a club which is usually, nay always, functioning very noisily until 7am. I often phone 1337, the City Hall complaints line, and they are always sympathetic. They ask the police to visit the club, the noise then stops and I sigh with relief. But 15 or 20 minutes after the visit of the police the noise begins again!

I once entered this club when the music was in full blast and I was appalled at the decibel level. The habitués of the club will, I hope, suffer serious hearing problems eventually. Serve them right. What can be done about the matter of the club staying open well after the official closing time?

Yours faithfully,

Oliver Minto