What about an over water parking station?



Re: No big tour busses allowed (PM Mailbag Friday, 19 June 2015) – 0 Buses = 300 people; 300 people = 30+ Songthaew = Gridlock at Bali Hai. After an exhaustive day on Koh Larn, a cool sea breeze on the trip back, now they are expected to climb onto the back of a pick up truck. How do they know which one is going where? Was to be dropped off at Caesar’s Palace (2nd Road), set down at Romeo Palace (Naklua). It could work if the guide called the bus driver and he came and picked up his people. But what if you were one of the last to be picked up? You may be milling about for an hour in the hot sun. Not what they paid their Yuan for. What about an over water parking station? I’m allowed to dream too!

Liam Murphy