What a load of hogwash



Re: Bangkok police put Pattaya jet ski vendors on notice (PM Friday, 18 September 2015) – What a load of hogwash. I just left Pattaya and the scams are more blatant than ever. Rent a car or motorbike at your own risk. You will be stopped and you will be fined, even if your licence and insurance are all in order, and you have not committed a crime. Your tyre is not right, your lights are not right, your brakes are no good. You will pay money out. This is not only happening to farang this happens to Thai people also.

The offence of having any amount of alcohol and driving will cost you 30,000bht up. Be it a mouthful of beer or 3 bottles. Zero tolerance is in force, which I believe in, though zero tolerance is over the Top. One or two beers would not interfere with my driving abilities. But 30,000 baht up would certainly interfere with my ploughing of a few fields of pleasure.

Very sad days in Pattaya with very few tourists. I hope for the poor people that depend on tourists that the tourists return to Thailand but I feel the double standards imposed in Thailand with the tourist has finally driven the tourist to Vietnam, Philippines, or Malaysia