War on drugs and gambling



As a foreigner I try to have some understanding for the Thai way, but what happened lately beats everything. Four people playing a game of cards in the front garden of one’s house until some emigration police comes and fines them with 10,000 baht each for, what they say, gambling.

They should be happy they are not driving around drunk in a SUV trying to kill some people or taking drugs, and they even didn’t play for money. In the Netherlands playing cards is part of education; children learn to count, socialise and think logically, so they learn it from 7 or even younger until the grave and it doesn’t have to go about money.

It is a kind of strange way to raise people like playing games is bad, because I also saw one day a kind of police came to tell some ladies in a bar they couldn’t play domino, while there are some times I watch some Thai guys playing pool and the baht are flying over the table. I think even a lottery is gambling, so stop the hypocrisy. Maybe the police have nothing better to do, so then I can show them 5 opportunities or more.

Always ready to give some advice.