Wall shaking music from Tum Ta Cafe



Dear Mr Mayor, it’s been a month with the usual zero action from city hall. We still have Tum Ta Cafe live music karaoke bar playing until 0300. The music is so loud sometimes that my closed balcony doors shake with sound vibrations. It must be 120 decibels. My sleep pattern is collapsed, and I’m tired all day, every day. What makes it worse, there is hardly anyone in the bar. I have counted 8 at the most.

People/companies have invested billions on condos, 3 within 50 meters of Tum Ta Cafe: Angket, Park Lane, Atlantis, and Thais, visitors, tourists, have spent billions on holiday/retirement homes, yet someone is allowed to put a beer bar for very little outlay baht, and disturb us all every night.

Is there some plan from city hall to take our money and send us home?

Well you have succeeded. I am selling up and going home.

Matt Jomtien