Visa scam



Warning – visa scam. I would like to bring to your readers’ attention that I have been taken for a ride by a visa firm in South Pattaya Road, to the tune of 36,000 baht. A man I met in the same shop was scammed for 18,000 baht. We both paid and our passports were not returned for 3 months. I had to go to Laos last week after retrieving my passport from the police in Bangkok. This company now is on criminal charges, and they tried to put the blame on others who were using this company, saying that we were printing forged bank books, etc.

I reported the company to the police when the investigation started, and the police had no right to hold our passports but they did. It has caused me so much stress and the worry of being arrested at any minute of the day. The company lied and lied, to us both, saying it will be in tomorrow morning, then afternoon. I live on the dark side, and it is a very dangerous drive across the Sukhumvit Road.

Every day, I told them I needed my passport back as I have cancer, and have to return to England on July 31st. They totally ignored my plea.

On the way to Laos there were 4 coaches with people all with problems with overstay. Why they can’t go to Cambodia, to me is a mystery. Does immigration have a laugh sending people there, driving at 140km all the way bumper to bumper, filled up with log? I met another guy from Pattaya who also suffered the same rip off from a visa company in Bangkok, for 30,000. Just be very careful.

Mickey McCracken