Use environmentally friendly krathongs


Aloha Editor;

It’s that time of year again to celebrate Loy Krathong, November 21st. One of the primary reasons for this celebration is to worship the goddess of the water in the expression of gratitude for the life that water gives throughout the year.

Please think twice before buying a krathong if the base is made from Styrofoam. It can and does kill our marine life, freshwater fish and waterfowl, turtles, dolphins. Our lakes, oceans and rivers are already having a big problem from the flooding of storm drains and water resources, due to weather conditions.

The traditional krathong is a raft with a diameter of about the size of a hand. Most bases were made from the banana stalk, while some are made of bread and sometimes, sad to say, made of foam. The Pollution Solution group recommends the bread base, because, whilst many krathongs are lost in the rivers, oceans and lakes, bread will eventually become food for fish and other animals. Even though banana stalks are biodegradable, they take a little longer to decompose and will not harm the environment.

We ask you not to buy the Styrofoam krathongs, as you would be adding to the problems. Please look around; there are many very deserving krathong makers that care, use bread or banana stalks and deserve your sale.  They all have been decorated with exquisitely folded banana leaves, flowers, candles, incense, etc.

Many people feel that the transmission of Loy Krathong to water rids one of problems and helps with relationships. For whatever one’s reason is to celebrate, please also consider the environment. Enjoy Loy Krathong and please think about Mother Nature and all living things when you buy a krathong.

The Pollution Solution Group thanks you.

Gerry Rasmus (aka KOTO)