US Republican Party



There is more than meets the eye with the way the Republican Party in the U.S. performs. Why has an obviously intelligent group of politicians made Biblical – era morality part of their platform? Today even-some churches have options for dealing with immoral embarrassments, not the Republicans.

Perhaps these extreme conservatives have discovered the magical formula that will put them out on top. Does that magical formula include a symbiotic relationship with fundamentalists who happen to be a high percentage of the American people? The symbiotic agreement might provide Republicans with a win in elections and provide fundamentalists with government silence when it comes to spreading religious immorality. I’m afraid this type of immorality not only exists in America but in other counties that have a government relationship with religion.

I haven’t heard one politician in America say one thing about religious immorality. Does that mean that religion is already too powerful to be criticized? Humanity, I’m sure, would forever be grateful if at long last we had religious courts to hand down strict rules for separation of church and state, and more secular societies.

Ray Standiford