Unneeded boxes



Years ago when I first travel down this soi (Siam Country Club Soi 19), I was amazed how well it was maintained compared to other sois throughout the area. It was smooth and had plenty of drains. The material used seemed of higher quality than other roads since I’ve never seen a pot hole even after heavy rain. I remarked to the better Thai half in regards to the road and she responded that many of the officials for the Nongprue Municipality live on this soi. Thereafter, I never really paid too much attention as to what she said.


A week ago, I traveled down the soi and was amazed by how so many of the heavily congested sois throughout the area would benefit from these painted yellow X boxes. Now they have been painted throughout the stretch of this soi. The problem here is the soi, although heavily used, never has had a traffic backup in over 10 years (that I’ve seen while) living and traveling on this soi.

While the endless behind schedule construction throughout the area continues, particularly on Siam Country Club, this municipality can divert resources and funds to paint lines and boxes that aren’t needed!

Another great decision confirming their incompetence.


Jeff Chumuchi