Trying to eradicate polio worldwide


Dear Editor,

Re Eric Bahrt’s letter concerning polio vaccine in your issue of 11th March. Dear old Eric Bahrt, forever quoting selected obscure so-called experts to make his points.

Eric, here’s a little education for you. Over the past few years Rotary International, The Bill Gates Foundation and the UN have between them invested hundreds of millions of US dollars to eradicate polio worldwide. Except for a few isolated pockets they have been successful and are continuing until polio has been completely wiped out. A mammoth task that has been achieved by globally administering millions upon millions of vaccine treatments, proving beyond question its effectiveness.

This is not opinion or possibly flawed research, but hard fact and has actually happened.

Should you ever be so unfortunate to require medical attention I trust you will refuse any treatment that has been developed by use of animals, however life saving it may be. But, of course, with your much flaunted healthy vegetarian life style, etc., you are never going to be ill, are you? For people such as yourself it must be extremely frustrating to realise one day that they are dying from absolutely nothing.

Rotarian Chris Gibbins