True Visions



Darn! What now From True Visions? Can this be real? Would billionaire mogul company True Visions cancel yet another show in its lineup for the deprivation of its viewers? Yes, sadly, it is true, they are. UFC, aka Ultimate Fighting Championship, will not be aired again here in Thailand. Thai people love sports, including Muay Thai. But the sport of Mixed Martial Arts can’t be seen on television here anymore. True Visions (TV) has actually stated that “because we do not have the exact layout for future broadcast from operators … UFC will no longer be available” – they are deleting UFC altogether. TV did not have the “exact layout” before in the past years of providing this show? Or they can’t get this “exact layout” if a change has been made by Fox Sports, the provider of this show? It seems that yet another more costly show that many viewers love is now cancelled, and thus TV is again eliminating popular programs, all in the name of profit only to replace it with a less costly what – Extreme Fishing? How exciting is that! It seems like the only shop in town is sticking it to its many, many paying subscribers, and we are left, again, with a little more than slightly inadequate satellite television. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a different Satellite TV company to open up for business in Thailand so that viewers no longer need to be plagued by a monopoly stranglehold! TV’s telephone # is 027252525 if you’d like to join in by voicing your complaint of this Ultimate travesty.

Humbly submitted by

Sir William of Doodadshire