Tribute to Motherhood



If I could choose any mother anywhere, my very own inspirational fave model will always rank as my first dear love, foremost true friend and best enemy, feisty misunderstandings quickly forgiven. Mom taught me how to retie my tangled shoelaces, to floss my swollen gums, to ride my fire-engine red Schwin bike, to weather every storm by calming thunderous zigzag fears and to hopscotch strut with prideful dignity.

All mothers are full-time working mothers whose salaries are paid with unconditional love for their wards, even when they least deserve to be loved. Just as deep-rooted trees need water and sunshine to survive, by nature mothers help nurture their offspring to grow, flourish, prosper, uplift spirits and reach great heights. Grateful that I have been entrusted with hopes, dreams and aspirations to live my own life and sow the fertile seedpods for future generations, my mother’s now absent presence still shows through every emotional feeling – joy, sorrow, frustration, helplessness, excitement – never forgetting how mom’s always generous kindness put my comfort and happiness before anything else. Nothing on our soiled earth can separate long established kindred bonds – not time, not distance, not space, not even death.

Dr. Charles Frederickson