Traffic safety



In this week’s edition, you mention the traffic road checks that are in place for drunk drivers, which I fully approve of.

As a retired British Police Officer, I am pleased to see any measures that are taken that may lead to saving lives. But what bothers me is the blatant breaking of the law here in Pattaya, which goes unchecked!

I live on the dark side where only one or two out of 20 riders of motorcycles wear a helmet! I see regularly drivers of motorcycles that I doubt have reached their teenage years, so they are unlicensed and uninsured! I have regularly counted 5 people on a small motorcycle, with a dog in the front basket!

There are also so many vehicles, mainly motorbikes but also cars, that drive in the dead of night with no lights! And the rider of the motorbike is invariably dressed in black! Here on the dark side, you need to have the eyesight of an owl to avoid them!

These vehicles have obviously not passed the annual safety check, so will also not have road tax and insurance.

In England the Road Traffic Police would have an orgasm at the amount of offenders driving blatantly on the road.

Why is this allowed to continue?