Traffic gripes


Dear Sir,

I have 2 traffic gripes; I wonder why anyone in charge can not act on them. First: about 10 weeks ago I noticed the pedestrian traffic light crossing on Second Rd near Mike Shopping did not work. I tried many times since. On the 1st Dec I phoned city hall, and a lady said she would tell the relevant authority. 4 days later a sign is stuck on the push button says OUT OF ORDER, but only on one side of the road? As of yesterday, 12 Dec, still same. An accident waiting to happen, as that area is so dangerous to try and cross.

Second: on market day, corner of Pattaya Tai and Soi Buakaow. Traffic in areas is chaotic. Baht buses are parked solid in front of the market [there is several no standing signs there], and will not move until they are full of passengers. Traffic backs up down to the wat in Pattaya Tai. Today 13 Dec took me ages to get thru on a motorbike. A policeman standing on corner was just blowing his whistle up in the air. I asked him why he did not walk up, book them and make them move on. He just thru his hands in the air and ignored me. One wonders.