The real issue is sugar



Re: Difficult to comprehend (PM Mailbag Friday, 25 October 2013) – I do not believe that this is a ‘nasty Mailbag debate’. As for vegetarians living longer, good luck to them. I plan to die earlier with a cheeseburger in my mouth. Why vegetarians regard this as a character issue is perhaps for them to think about, not myself. Really knowledgeable nutrition interested people know that vegetarianism vs. meat eating is not remotely the main event. The main event is sugar. Sugar as a poison and as a corrupter of biological processes trumps all other issues of philosophy about ingestibles. I know this and yet I eat sugar. Judge me if you want but I plan to die with a cheeseburger in my mouth and a chocolate chip cookie in my hand. When I get to the gate for my interview with Saint Peter he will see an applicant with a smile on his face.