Thaksin isn’t coming back any time soon



Re: Re: Democrat Party to seek court annulment of snap polls (PM Monday, 03 February 2014) – Two things are certain; Thaksin isn’t coming back any time soon, and because of that the Amnesty Bill will not be proceeded with. This means that the state prosecutor can move against Suthep and Abhisit on the long delayed charge of murder, for having given the Thai Army the orders to shoot redshirt protestors in 2010, and as a result of which 91 people were killed.

This is the real reason Suthep wanted a unelected People’s Council headed by himself in place of the democratic system he himself was part of for so long, for as life long President he would make sure no murder charges were brought against him and Abhisit.

This is also the real reason why he was prepared to plunge the whole of Thailand into chaos, Bangkok especially, to escape murder charges still outstanding.

It will be interesting to see if Yingluck does what she is surely tempted to do, given the dangerous man that Suthep has once again proven himself to be these last two months.

Michael Mazur