Takeover of South Pattaya



Pattaya City Council needs to take action to preserve their authority over part of South Pattaya.

Visitors from the Middle East have taken over many of the smaller streets and made them ‘no go’ areas for the public.

These young people sleep all day and only emerge in the late afternoon with rented motorcycles which they park indiscriminately to block entry into streets like Soi Yensabai.

None of them wears a crash helmet as they race around the local streets, usually with a pillion passenger and a cell phone locked to their ear.

It is doubtful that they have a driving licence that is acceptable in Thailand!

Pattaya police need to make unannounced visits to this area at different times of the afternoon, evening and overnight. They could hand out fines for no helmet, no license and confiscate bikes that block the roads. Part of Soi Yensabai is so narrow that it should be no parking at any time.

Pattaya City Council needs to take action now, not later. They need to show these visitors that they are guests in Thailand and that the rental of a motorcycle does not mean that they have bought the land!

Sooner or later there will be a serious accident here and emergency vehicles will not be able to reach the scene of the motorcycle accident, or fire caused by their smoke pots.

From Robin Valentine

Grampian Golf Tours

Scotland UK