Stunned and shocked


Dear Editor;

Following the death of Kim Jong Il, I was stunned and shocked watching on television the hysterical scenes of emotion paid by the North Korean population that appear huge and excessive.  The dictator is one of the worst and inauspicious in our epoch.

He put North Korean people in a dead end obscurantism depriving the country of the basic supports of democracy and freedom, the pillars of a sacred right for any country and his citizenship.

Kim Jong Il, and before, his father, have reduced North Korean people to a level of zombies, exerting on them undue influence over their insane power on a personality cult.

I liked reading comments of many newspapers around the world.  A European editorial named Kim Jong a bloody dictator.  “Mors tua vita mea,” said by the ancient Latin people, that is, “your death is my life.”

Let us hope that the death of Mr. Jong is the beginning of a new life for this attractive country with a wake up and full recovery of a lost freedom.  Who knows, maybe soon the dream will come true.

Best regards,

Concerned Farang