Street vendors don’t offend anyone



Re: Jomtien cleared of street vendors (PM September 23, 2016) – Pity the poor street vendors. They never offended me on my many stays in Jomtien. Are the Wednesday beach closures still in effect?

It would be much more productive to put government efforts into cleaning up garbage & installing a proper sanitary sewer system in Jomtien. That might improve the quality of the sea water around Jomtien.

I stayed at a guest house at Soi 9 & Jomtien Beach Road in Oct-Nov 2015. The nightly punk rock music emanating from the boom boxes of local youths camped on the new concrete boardwalk was deafening & lasted from 8pm to 6am. Repeated calls to Pattaya Tourist Police yielded little results. The party continued for the 6 weeks I was there. I won’t likely return for that reason.