Straws are bad, too



As most of you know or should, plastic bags simulate a jellyfish, turtles eat jellyfish, and therefore plastic bags that are filling up our waterways are killing our turtles and other sea life.

Now KOTO has learned the damn straws that people throw off of boats, and other people leave in gutters, that wash into our waterways are also killing our turtles plus other sea life.

If “WE” everywhere don’t start imposing fines, jail time, community service to the humans that don’t know better or don’t care, we are going to allow them to litter-lie, (litter) destroy Mother Earth.

We can start by setting examples, removing the trash in our path, showing others how wrong it is, getting off the porch and start making a difference, regardless who made the mess, earning some inner-wealth, getting some exercise at the same time.

Gerry Rasmus