Stop making waves



Re: Don Aleman’s “beefing up security” response to “Pattaya battens down hatches after Paris attacks” (PM Mailbag Friday, 20 November 2015) – You have been around long enough to know the ropes. Your agent is at fault if they didn’t notify Immigration. No doubt you presented your passport when you signed the lease, That’s all that is required of you. When you renew your 90 days you fill out TM 47 & It is wise to also have some document with proof of your address. Take as many receipts as you can & it would help if you had a letter from your agent. By law when you do a visa run you must also notify your agent that you now have a different TM6 with a new number. Several years ago we had to register our mobile phone number. This faded out but has resurfaced again. When you register you will be given a new “sim card” but you will retain your original number. How many farang know this? You will get a call from someone explaining the procedure, spoken in Thai. So Don ignorance of the law is no excuse. Get things sorted out & stop making waves.

Bryan Patricks