Still more about stray dog problem


Dear Editor:

I find it astonishing that R. L. Holt (Mailbag, Dec 23) would say the stray dog problem is not caused by the breeders but by the stray dogs themselves because they copulate. Talk about blaming the victim!

Where does Mr Holt think the original stray dogs came from? The sky? He says they should be rounded up and hopefully people will adopt them. But it’s because people are buying from the breeders that many of the dogs are not being adopted. If everybody got their dogs from the shelters that would tremendously reduce the stray dog problem.

If someone buys from a breeder and does not get the dog neutered they are morally responsible not only for that dog but also for the future puppies of that dog and the future puppies of those puppies and so on down the line. Needless to say, it’s highly unlikely many people will take that responsibility and that’s why so many of those dogs or their puppies will end up in the street.

Finally, I urge the readers to google: “Oh for the love of me, puppy mills” and read how in the horrible puppy mills at Chatuchak market pure bred dogs in horrible over crowded cages are being sold for 2000 baht. With all due respect Mr Holt, you don’t know what on earth you’re talking about.

Eric Bahrt