Steal and have a great time in Thailand



What is the matter with people? It’s time to wake up! I read in the paper that a Russian thief was caught but because he eventually paid for the goods he was released without charge!

This is crazy; the thief can then carry on doing what he likes doing best until he gets caught again and “hey presto” he pays for the goods and walks away without charge.

So he maybe steals twenty items and only has to pay for one or two?

This is ideal for him because he can make a lot of profit, but for a lot of hard working people it could be a total disaster, even the “last straw” for some poor local business.

When a thief is caught he/she should be charged and dealt with, even if released for a first offense and the goods paid for they should at least get a criminal record so that if they continue to commit crime they can then be dealt with more severely when caught again.

As for foreigners stealing, why not charge and deal with them and then deport them immediately; clearly they are not wanted here.

If this was done then they would not be allowed back into Thailand with their record to commit more crime in the future.

It seems that if the Thailand authorities do not wake up and do something very soon it will end up like a lot of foreign “do gooder” countries that are in a real mess like the U.S.A. or the U.K. when it comes to dealing with those poor offenders who have had a hard life (sob, sob).