Some questions answered



Re: (PM Mailbag Friday 6 November 2015) – Pattaya’s beaches are closed on Wednesdays so the beach chair vendors don’t claim land ownership using squatters rights. All of Walking Street is owned by squatters (I know you knew that). The beaches used to be closed 50% on Wednesday and the other 50% on Thursday (I also know you knew that).

As for the open air karaoke bars blaring all night that came about when in 2004 Pattaya became a Semi Autonomous District (SAD) and its goal was no longer family orientated, and it developed into an all night boom boom hellhole.

I remember when Pattaya was fun, karaoke was inside and even Royal Garden had sound proof Karaoke booths on the third floor.

As for the gentleman that sleeps through all the din is probably the Thai owner as most are.

A long time Pattaya resident,

Les Schaeffer