Some good news for a change



On Saturday, June 11, around 8 a.m., Pollution Solution was doing his daily Jomtien Beach cleaning and dog feeding and we never know who we will see that early; today was a priceless day.

We find that with all the bad news in the papers on TV it is nice to see some good news like children old and wise enough to realize that we “all” need to do our part even if it means picking up after others.

We start with 5 year old (Nin). He helps his parents on no school days. They operate their beach chair business on Jomtien Beach near Soi Wat Boon. Nin also takes time to help the Pollution Solution Group remove dangers from the beach. He is a very smart young man and like his parents understands the importance of keeping their area safe and clean for beach-goers, sea-life and our ocean.

The next area we were cleaning there were two boys digging for clams, named It, 15, and Nut, 10. We told them that they would have better luck if they removed all the litter first, the plastic, toxic cigarette butts, bottle-caps, styrofoam, bar-b-que sticks, cigarette lighters and other litter and that they would also be making it cleaner and safer for the clams and all sea life plus the beach-goers and it would look much better. We explained to them that by doing good, they would have better luck digging for clams. They both put their clam-jars and shovels aside and began to remove the dangers. It wasn’t long before two girls, Om, 14, and Pan, 10, friends of theirs, came along and also started to remove dangers. They all lived across Jomtien Beach Rd. at the Villa Navin place. We are very proud of all these children reaching out and showing elders what we all need to do.

Doing our part regardless where we live or visit, if you see a danger to a child, wildlife or our waterways take a minute or three and remove it.

All the wonderful children received literature to take to school.

The pollution Solution Group has things like this happen most days, when there are children on the beach, we always get helping hands just for the asking. If only adults Thai and farangs felt the same way. Some do, but very few.

If there were more adults willing to take a little time out of their ever so busy life schedule and take “just” 10 to 20 minutes, 3 times a week in their neighborhood, at the beach, park, lake, wherever, and set some examples, explaining why, to the children and asking them to help, the rewards are priceless. One is getting exercise, making a difference for the better and educating our youth at the same time.

KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean