Sneak a burri when the boss isn’t looking



Re: Sean’s answer (So who gets this 300 per day?) to Wage hike takes sting out of back-to-school shopping (PM Friday, 17 May 2013) – Sean got me thinking. There is a large construction site near where I live. I spend some time watching the workers who seem to enjoy their labour. A large part of the workforce seems to be female. I notice that a male carries an object alone but the same thing takes two females. Some women have less labour intensive tasks such as sprinkling water to keep down the dust. Would these workers be on the same wage scale? (I think not.) And do these workers have to pay for accommodation in the hovels erected for them? I thought Sean may be right on Tuesday as no workers turned up. I thought the immigration had got some of them. Then my wife told me it was payday and was a holiday. Farangs keep putting Asians down but they are so like us. If they can sneak a burri when the boss isn’t looking or slow down near knockoff time they will. We farangs never did this!

Aussie Bill