Sleepless in Jomtien



I recently spent a few days in Bangkok and a few things came to my notice. Firstly, there seemed to be no stray dogs around, then I noticed the absence of advertising vans trawling the streets blasting out their inane messages at levels that would hurt your ears. In my hotel room I couldn’t feel the thud thud of vehicles with powerful stereos having their impromptu discos.

I live in Jomtien, where almost nightly outside the cheap liqueur stores you will find a car or pick-up will park, buy a few drinks, turn up the music and it’s like being in Walking Street. I call the very polite people at 1337 and complain, they tell me they will inform the police but very often nothing happens or if it does it takes a long time.

I strongly advise anyone thinking of purchasing a condo anywhere near Jomtien Beach Road, to think again, as you will never get a decent night’s sleep.

I purposely didn’t buy in Pattaya because I feared the noise levels. I thought Jomtien would be a haven for an elderly ex-pat to have a quiet retirement along the beach. Not so.