Slaughter of the Innocent


Dear Editor;

Hans Reusch is not an “obscure expert”, since Reusch was an extremely famous writer who specialized in writing about medical issues. In his book: “Slaughter of the Innocent”, he notes that not one of 38 scientists who appeared on television and radio to debate this issue could explain why the rate of polio went down just as rapidly in areas of America where people were rarely vaccinated as it did in other parts of the country where vaccinations were common. Or why was polio eradicated in Europe despite the fact most Europeans were not vaccinated?

In any case, I didn’t say no one was ever saved by the polio shot. But my point is that often many health epidemics go away by themselves and the vivisectors unjustly take full credit for it. Polio was already on the decline before the vaccination was discovered.

Eric Bahrt