Shanghai Tower design is well-thought out



Re: CBRE to provide property management services for Shanghai Tower (PM Friday, 05 October 2012)

Yes, the Shanghai Tower design is well-thought out in design and execution is going very well, thanks to the chief architect of the tower, Marshall Strabala’s initial design and weekly concentration on the towers progress these past 5 yrs.

Strabala was the chief architect and director of design with M. Arthur Gensler and Associates, for 4 years 2006-2011, whereby he designed the tower and managed a support staff of 45. Strabala’s stellar experience with supertalls (designed 3 of the 10 tallest Burj, Nanjing Ziefeng Greenland Tower, and Shanghai) and his unflinching commitment to client demands and sustainability, allowed him to open his own arch firm 2Define Architecture with largest office in Shanghai. Of course, the ST client contracted with 2Define, when Strabala left to open his new firm and fully support him. It takes incredible design experience and problem solving ability to design these kinds of icon buildings. Chairman Kong is delighted with Strabala’s continued contributions ‘til the end of construction. CBRE will have a wonderful product to offer tenants in Shanghai 2014-2015 thanks to the design of the tower.

Joan Mills