Russian tourists avoiding Thailand



Re: Strong baht affecting tourism (PM Mailbag Friday, 06 February 2015) – I don’t agree; the strong baht is a deterrent for tourists. There is only so much “slack” that a currency can take and a 45% drop in the Russian currency means the Russians are avoiding Thailand by flocks. Not a problem for Thailand, they can encourage tourists from nearer home, like China. You must also remember that there will always be a core of westerners who will always visit Thailand (which is probably quite a large proportion) and retire there no matter what the currency rate is. The UK, US are now coming well out of the recession of past few years, but not all countries, like a lot of the European countries, and the baht to the dollar and UK pound are not favourable from a tourist point of view. Thailand is not bothered about propping up or down a currency. I think the baht is going to get even stronger whilst the current government is looking after Thailand.