Restaurants are major employers



Re: Give a damn for poor Thais (PM Mailbag August 5, 2016) – Usually provision is made for food vendors with permits to relocate to a fixed location so that they are not in the public way and can dispose of their cooking “leavings” in a responsible way. (This as opposed to used cooking oil down the nearest sewer and into ocean.)

It does nothing for the betterment of tourism to report an outbreak of “Bangkok Belly.” Attempts to regulate cleanliness have just been a source of income to the wrong people, plus the same gangs demand money from them for “protection” if you understand organized crime.

It has been all over “Pattaya Mail” about rodents running rampant on Beach Road. We cannot have a lack of rodents with a food source on wheels on every corner and the attendant food scraps. Remember too, restaurants are major employers of people who deserve to make a living and neighborhoods are full of 60 baht meals in small restaurants. The restaurants you refer to are on Pattaya Beach Road and Walking Street… not where locals live.