Report condemns Thai driving



Now it’s official from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute that Thailand is the second most dangerous country in the world to drive in. < >. (The report claims that “the only country with roads deadlier than Thailand’s was Namibia”.)

Now are the transport police going to get their act together and do proper policing to improve the situation or are they just going to carry on stopping a few people to top up the police kitty?

It seems at the moment they don’t care about small children riding in the front of motorbikes with the driver on the mobile oblivious to other drivers and young children driving at breakneck speeds on motorbikes with two or three on the bike who can’t have a license because they’re too young and don’t have any road sense.

The police go to the scene of an accident to check who is in the right or wrong, but shouldn’t they be trying to stop and educate these crazy drivers about road sense before the accidents happen? The police need more zero tolerance to keep these people off the roads.

We read in the papers or see on TV what’s going to happen but it never materializes. It’s the old seven day wonder. If they don’t start soon Thailand will be number ONE next year.

U.K. Ian