Regarding bad traffic in Pattaya



Open letter to T.A.T. and Pattaya Police: I have travelled to 45 countries, and over 200 cities, and the traffic in Pattaya is the worst I have ever seen. Many tourists I spoke to said they would not return because of traffic problems.

Why is the traffic very bad in Pattaya? The new road to Jomtien will not make it better. E.g. now it takes only 5 minutes to go from Jomtien to Hiso Hotel in South Pattaya, but it takes 30 minutes to go from Hiso Hotel to North Pattaya. This long delay is because there is no traffic control in Pattaya, e.g. why the police do not control the traffic flow at Hiso Hotel, South Pattaya, V.C Hotel, Mikes Shopping Mall, etc. This would help to make the traffic move quickly.

Also, there are too many private cars driving on Pattaya Second Road and Beach Road. Most cars do not stop for shopping, as they are passing through only, or just looking. They should use the bypass which is Sukhumvit Road, and Pattaya Third Road. A toll charge of 50 or 100 baht could be charged for private cars that want to pass on Second Road and Beach Road. This money could be used to improve roads, etc., in Pattaya.

Peter Wilson