Re: What can I do to help the dogs?



Last week there was a letter from Hylfie in France asking, “What can I do to help the dogs?”  In reply: Check out the www.mabprachananimalshelter, Derek Doyle [email protected] and his charming Thai wife Mali do a fantastic job with limited funds and are always grateful for any donations. They have become personal friends and I have great admiration for the care they give to dogs in distress. They are very special people!

There are also Paul Finnelly @ cats4U: [email protected] and Pic-APet4home: pickapet4h[email protected], who do fantastic work saving animals in distress.

All of these animal lovers work on a very tight budget and any donations are welcome.

I have also found a very caring vet, Kwanchai at the Pattaya Animal Hospital at the top end of South Pattaya Road. He does a lot of charity work caring for stray dogs.

Best wishes,

Rick in Jomtien