RE: Prostate cancer test


Dear Editor:

Re: Prostate cancer test doesn’t cut death risk, PM May 6 – In the article about our losing battle against prostate cancer it’s noted: “If prostate cancer is found there is no agreement on the best way to treat it: ‘watchful waiting, surgery, hormone therapy, radiation, or some combination of these’.”

Why is there no mention of the fact that by combining a low-fat vegan diet with exercise and meditation Dr Dean Ornish was able to slow the progression of prostate cancer in early stage cancer patients and possibly reverse the disease? A 21 year study at Loma Linda University showed that men who ate animal products were over three times more likely to get prostate cancer than male vegans.

While the article admits the conventional approach for treating prostate cancer has failed and caused great suffering to men, why is there so little attention given to the Dean Ornish’s alternative approach which actually works? (Google: Dean Ornish, vegan diet, prostate cancer, for more information.)

Eric Bahrt