Re: KOTO to be commended, however …



Re: KOTO to be commended, however … (PM mailbag Friday 7th November 2014) – I am also from Sydney and have seen the work that people like Ian Kiernan have done since 1989. I quote: “In 1989 an ‘average Australian bloke’ had a simple idea to make a difference in his own backyard – Clean Up Sydney Harbour. The event received an enormous public response with more than 40,000 Sydneysiders donating their time and energy to clean up the harbour.”

KOTO is 76 years old now and has been cleaning Jomtien Beach, feeding the stray dogs and helping the homeless Thai people with water, milk, toothbrush/toothpaste and sometimes money for 14 yrs that I know of. I would suggest not many 76 year old farang would spend 6 to 8 hours per day doing this.

As far as laminated posters are concerned, if you really look you will see that they are written in Thai, English and Russian and with simple pictures to illustrate to people that cannot read.

I can in fact tell you that KOTO is very much loved by the Thai people in Jomtien. I think you should show a little bit more respect for KOTO instead of critising him from your ivory tower. The good he does far outweighs your concerns for laminated posters.

You say you have worked on several ‘Eco’ type ads & campaigns, maybe it is time “you walk the talk” and get down to the beach and help clean and educate the people and also talk to KOTO, maybe then you will step down from your ivory tower.

David Ward