Re: another Jet Ski scam



I was saddened to read yet again about another Jet Ski scam. The writer was threatened with a 65,000 baht bill for being responsible for water entering the Jet Ski engine.

I can only think of one suitable English reply ‘What a load of bollocks!’ The police were not interested, no surprise there, and only 4 hours later after the staff from the Hilton Hotel intervened on the tourist’s behalf the bandits went away.

Their letter ended with, “I have been in many countries but have never met such a rude nation. The Thais seem to have no etiquettes and are money greedy to the extreme.” You hit the nail on the head buddy boy.

The Jet Ski scandal has been going on for so long now it seems there is only one logical explanation for the powers that be, the local police and Pattaya City Hall for not having taken any positive action against these bandits that give Thailand such a bad image. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. The … Tourism Authority of Thailand could perhaps do something about it, but don’t … (inflammatory remarks removed – Ed)

It would be wonderful if the Thais could actually get their heads from out of the sand and realize that thinking they are the greatest doesn’t necessarily make them the greatest. Like alcoholics, unless you actually comprehend you are one and want to do something about it there is not much hope of you reforming.

I love Thailand and having lived here for over 12 years. I would not want to live anywhere else in the world. The average Thais are wonderful people; it’s a shame some rotten apples let the side down but doesn’t every country have its fair share of rotten apples? It’s sad there are so many at the top of the barrel here!