Rat solution shouted down by tree huggers



Re: Move the garbage bins (PM Friday, 27 June 2014) – No doubt about it we all would be better off without rats. Several years ago City Hall came up with the idea of spreading baits about to lessen the problem only to be shouted down by tree huggers of the dangers to other wild life. One of these radicals said that rats were one of God’s creatures and had as much right to be here as us. Let’s try a little of Thai logic. When we have an invasion of ants into the house, my wife places a saucer of sweet substance outside the door and they have no reason to come inside. Could this be the reason the vendors are lax in cleaning their area? While the rats are at the beach they know their house is free of them. All this is said with tongue in cheek and I realise is not the ultimate solution.

Sean Murphy