Pumps are better than nothing



Re: Beach Road pumps flunk first test (PM Friday, 07 November 2014) – Having the pumps are better than nothing. Leave them there and go back to the drawing board. Will need to jackhammer the stairs and dig out the sidewalk bricks to install a large street drain and connect it to a large pipe extending out a mile or so away from the shoreline depending on the currents. Big project and big bucks. Let the water drain out by gravity. Will need to do this in several locations. The pump approach was good because it was cheaper. Now that you know it is inadequate a better solution needs to be invented. Of course the pumps were going to cause sand erosions. How could anyone not predict this? Correct this before you start hauling in new sand replenishments otherwise bye-bye sand and money.

By the way, excellent photos. Makes me feel like I’m there. Good camera and photographer. Keep up the good work. Am always curious what’s happening in my favorite vacation destination.