Promotion commotion


Dear Editor;

On a recent trip to a South Pattaya shopping center I purchased a TV which was appx. B7,000. I showed my member card to add the reward points and the register printed out about a meter of “cash coupons” to be used on subsequent trips. They were mostly B80 coupons. I used them on a food purchase but the cashier would only take one and gave the long ribbon of coupons back.

The next day, same thing. On my third trip, the cashier gave them all back, about B400, and said “no good” and pointed at the Thai fine print that evidently gave me only two days to use eight coupons.

I took my money and ‘coupons’ and went to customer service. Their final answer – “no good”.

On large purchases it is impossible to use the coupons. Even another large purchase will put you back where you started IF they take all the coupons (fine print-Thai). So… caveat emptor, or buyer beware; This Is Thailand.


S. Pattaya Rd.