Private businesses encroaching on public property



I was heartened by the first page item about Koh Larn residents protesting at City Hall over illegal developments on the island – I emailed a local condo project, but not surprisingly received no reply to this.

I am always confused when developers advertise “private beach” anywhere in Thailand. Everyone knows that the law in Thailand does not allow private beaches, or does that rule not apply to everyone?

City Hall seem to have no control over businesses encroaching on public areas, witness the businesses in the Soy Day/Night area that think the pavements and part of the public road belongs to them, and even stranger, on the nice new paved walkway at the end of Jomtien Beach Road which I would assume should be for the benefit of pedestrians. Restaurants have appropriated it for tables and chairs, which is nice for them and the diners but is not strictly what the pavement is for, or is it?

Perhaps one day the pavements will eventually be completed on Thappraya Road, making it possible to walk to Jomtien Beach from the flyover to the Macha Nu Statue (keep dreaming baby). Trying to walk towards the beach from the statue on the right hand side, businesses have again appropriated the pavements.

City Hall seem not to care or is there some other reason these abuses are ignored, one has to wonder…

Love Pattaya but some things rankle!